Bloom Herbal Studies for Children

Course designed and delivered for the eighth year

Bloom Herbal Studies for Children – Level I

Interactive nature learning through all the seasons.  We meet once a month, outdoors, for twelve months, to explore the herbs growing in our community.

Course Info:
Cross the boundary between the wild and the cultivated and learn the secrets of the green ones.

City living doesn’t have to mean we are cut off from nature – it’s all around us, we just need to get outdoors and expand our awareness. In this year-long program, young herb enthusiasts will develop an experiential, seasonal understanding of wild medicinal and edible plants and trees.

Nature will provide the classroom – we will be outdoors, embracing the elements and seasons. We will meet in various parks in HRM including Point Pleasant, Fort Needham, Seaview Park look-off, Withrod Lake, Public Gardens, Frog Pond & Flinn Park.

For children aged 5-11

We will meet once a month on Sunday, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Next course begins September 2018

Payment: $75 per quarter or $265 year
(save $35)

Some topics covered:
A blend of the whimsical, practical and ecological
Real life botany
Life cycle of plants
Seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, barks, saps – their uses as food and medicine
Herbal medicine making
Herbal crafts
4 elements – wind, fire, water, earth
Talking to plants, listening to plants
Flower faeries & tree devas
Herb bundles & amulets

Course designed and delivered for the 7th year, by medical herbalist Savayda Jarone, who acknowledges children’s innate connection to nature and the power of herbs and trees to deepen that relationship.

Bloom Herbal Studies for Children – Level II

Year-Long Program
We meet once a month outdoors or at the herbal medicine clinic & dispensary classroom. Continuation from level I, in-depth plant and health study, remedy making

For children ages 6-13

$75 quarterly or $265 for the year

Next course begins September 2018

“I am a parent to three budding herbalists who love their time with Savayda exploring in the woods and garden, creating delicious teas and tinctures, and sharing stories of lore and magic. All the while, learning to identify and use plants and herbs, and becoming confident and respectful stewards of the plant world. Thank You Savayda for bringing this important awareness into our lives (and luckily they share their wealth of knowledge with me too).”
~ Paula A

“My kids have been doing Savayda’s classes and herb walks for a few years and they absolutely LOVE it!! It’s wonderful to go for walks in the parks and forests around us and see them pointing to all the plants we can use and the berries we can eat! Savayda is an amazing teacher!”
~ Sylvie B

“Savayda’s herb walks and classes have given my kids and me gentle and yet expert introduction to medicinal plants of our local forests. Learning which will last for a lifetime.”
~ Cheers, Cassie Kent